Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This event is virtual only. You will be provided a link to attend once you purchase your ticket.

The 2-day event is full of quality content that will upgrade your business performance with incredible industry experts.

Both days begin at 6:54am PT / 9:54 ET and end at 2:00pm PT / 5:00pm ET

Yes, there are plenty of 10-minute breaks throughout the two-day event, and an hour planned for lunch on each day.

Yes, a total of 10 Credits are available.

This event brings your accounting business improvement experts to teach you how to upgrade your business performance through many exercises in a workshop setting. It is guaranteed to keep you engaged throughout the entire 2 day event.

Partners and managers of accounting firms or anyone contemplating starting a firm.

Your team is an important component of your business performance. We highly recommend bringing them along on this journey.

No full partner attendance is not required. However, having all of your partners attend will improve partner alignment.

You will be able to upgrade your business performance by learning the exact steps to enhance your operational efficiency in a way that is scalable.

The best kind. This workshop is NOT designed to sell you apps or online courses. It is designed to give you the optimum quality of content AT THE EVENT so you can boost your business performance like no other.

Money back guaranteed.  You can request a refund anytime before the event.  If you attend this event and apply the solutions provided to you during the event and you do not see the expected results, you will get a 100% refund on your ticket.

No problem. If you are an accountant, you are home!

Be prepared to improve the quality of your business, the impact you make on your clients, team, and community.

If you want to receive CPE credit you will need to attend the entire event.

Because you NEVER stop learning about how you can do better for yourself, your business, for your team, your clients and your family.

Those who have attended the entire event will receive access to the recording of the event.

Tickets are refundable until 30 days before the event. After that, you will get credit for next year’s event if you do not attend this year.

Yes, there will be different ones at various time. Please stay tuned for our promotional codes.

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